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Harp Quiz

Refinancing your home can provide you with a whole list of benefits, but some homeowners find it difficult to find a lender that is willing to work with them. The Home Affordable Refinancing Program, which is also known as Harp, is a program that is helpful for those who have trouble finding financing anywhere else. The Harp program was scheduled to come to an end in 2016, but the program was extended for a longer period so that more people could take advantage of the benefits it can provide. Refinancing is a serious decision to make, and you should be sure that it is the right thing to do. Keeping your head above water financially can be difficult to do in today’s trying times. The Harp program is the ideal solution for people who have found themselves in over their heads when it comes to their finances.

No Limit on the Number of Times you can refinance

There is no legal limit on the number of times that you can refinance your home. It is a great way to access the equity in your home, and you can do a cash refinance that allows you to have access to extra funds. There are quite a few benefits associated with Harp and refinancing your home that you should be taking advantage of. If you are looking for help refinancing your mortgage, you need to contact our team at The Rate Helpers because of our long history of dedication to customer service and care. We understand that the refinancing process can be overwhelming, which is why our staff is available to you through the entire process. We can guide you through every step while happily answering any questions that you have about your refinancing options.

Taking the Harp Quiz to find out if you qualify

The Harp quiz is a small and short quiz that you can take online to find out whether or not a Harp loan is the right path for you to take. The Harp quiz will ask you a few questions about your home, financial status, and other important information that will help determine whether or not a Harp loan is the best option for you. Our staff at The Rate Helpers can help you navigate the quiz and offer our assistance in any way that you need it. We strive to go above and beyond the call of duty to ensure that our clients are one hundred percent satisfied with the services that we offer. From short term escrow to down payment assistance, there is nothing that our team at The Rate Helpers can’t handle.

Best Decision for your Financial Future

The best decision you can make for your financial future is to reach out to us at The Rate Helpers. Our designated team has the experience you need to help refinance your home without any worries or extra stress. At The Rate Helpers, our expertise is unmatched by our competition and our success rate is second to none.

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