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Intelligent Document Capture

Count on the Top Intelligent Document Capture

Information is the cornerstone of every company. When companies can use their data seamlessly, they are able to make the best business decisions. However, in most organizations, 80% of the information is unstructured. It is therefore necessary to have a tool that allows you to convert this unstructured info into usable data.

For this, the best alternative is to get an intelligent document processing top of the line. Among the different options on the market, you will not find a better alternative than our easy.forward™ platform. It is essential you clarify your doubts so that you can be convinced why we offer the best intelligent document capture option.

Top-7 FAQs About Scanoptics Intelligent Document Capture Solutions

  1. What is Intelligent Data Capture from Scanoptics?

Through our easy.forward™ platform you will be able to intelligent data process all unstructured information in your company and convert it into usable data. This will give you immediate access to valuable information, allowing you to make decisions that will give you a competitive advantage in your industry. Our tool uses cognitive Artificial Intelligence and performs better than other top options like Document Capture Pro or Abby FlexiCapture.

  1. What is Document Capture Pro?

This software was developed by Epson to manage the information digitized by their commercial scanners. It allows you to capture information from your physical documents and send them to the cloud. Also, you can reach them from applications such as Google Documents or Microsoft Suite. The problem with this solution is it does not apply any classification or validation criteria to the information obtained.

  1. What is Abbyy FlexiCapture?

This is a robust platform that uses advanced methods such as Artificial Intelligence to transform and automate a company's documents. With it, you can make identification, classification, and transformation of information in different formats, and convert it into usable data.

  1. Why easy.forward™ is Better?

While tools like Abby deliver acceptable information processing, Scanoptics' IDP solution goes further. Our easy.forward™ is not only able to properly process and classify your company's data, but it learns with every task it performs. As the information is processed, the system gets better and better, gaining efficiency, speed, and perfection. This allows you to gain advantages over companies that use other data processing solutions.

What Type of Documents Does easy.forward™ Process?

Our leading easy.forward™ is capable of processing all the data from the different sources your company receives. Manuscripts, surveys, printed documents. All this information will be processed efficiently and will allow you to access privileged data to drive your business forward.

Do I Have to Buy Extra Software to Manage My Data?

No. One of the great advantage of our document processing is that the information can be easily integrated into your regular workflow. You will be able to access the data from any of the software used by your team in your company.

Is the Platform Secure?

There is no more secure intelligent document processing platform than easy.forward™. This solution will not only increase the levels of security and confidentiality of your information. It will also help you respond quickly to any security breach or threat of vulnerability of your confidential data.

Rely on the Best

You no longer have to worry about knowing what is intelligent document processing, or wear yourself out looking for incomplete solutions. Scanoptics has developed the industry-leading easy.forward™ solution that will take your operations to the next level and your business to the forefront. Contact us for the most intelligent data management.

Intelligent Document Capture
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