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Article provided by: GAF Commercial, LLC

Real Estate Investment Loans San Antonio Tx

Real Estate Investment Loans San Antonio Tx

Real estate investment loans in San Antonio TX are a great way to take advantage of any coming price drops. Great American Funding helps clients with any amount of income obtain the property they want even if their credit score is atypical.

Is real estate in San Antonio TX expensive?

Whether you are funding a new subdivision, affordable housing, a new office, or a home, San Antonio housing prices are more expensive than the national average.

The average home is $235,000 with the cost of building a single home being $130,000 on average. Commercial real estate costs an average of $16 to $20 per square foot and some sale prices exceeding $15 million recently.

How do I fund my project?

If you plan on holding on to your investment for an extended time period, you will gain in the coming recession. Commercial real estate financing in San Antonio is easier when your project costs less and the return on investment is higher.

Still, you may need private money lenders for real estate investment to purchase and build a property. Hard money loans are a great way to get on top of your needs and begin to create a solid revenue stream.

Can I obtain funding with a less than typical credit score?

Not every credit score is perfect. Still, it is more difficult to obtain a home loan than ever before despite interest rates being low.

A credit score of at least 620 is a minimum requirement for most loans. Great American Funding works with clients in any situation with a plan and the foresight we believe can lead to success.

Property income-driven loans

Commercial properties are potential income generators. Our company provides bridge financing and initial loans dependent on the actual value that you can generate.

This allows us to help customers no matter their credit score. If we both can obtain a return, our lending experts are interested in helping fund or refinance your existing property or project.

Lenders that work with me

Lenders need to work with clients to ensure that both parties obtain the most from their investment. Loans enter default, it is a fact of life.

Great American Funding tries to work with clients to keep a project from failing entirely. Refinancing can help keep you from defaulting and our team is always ready to help. We provide more than San Antonio TX real estate investment loans.

Funding my next real estate project

Downturns may drop prices but for those looking for a long-term project they can help reduce overall cost. Great American Funds Texas rental property investment loans and rates are some of the best in the business.

We work with clients based on income rather than merely a credit score. This allows us to provide stellar and compassionate financing and refinancing to customers from almost any walk of life.

When you are looking to start or fund a real estate project, get in touch with our lending experts. We want to provide you with real estate investment loans in San Antonio TX.

Real Estate Investment Loans San Antonio Tx
GAF Commercial, LLC
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Real Estate Investment Loans San Antonio Tx
2121 Lohmans Crossing Rd
Austin TX 78734

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